DC Stop Smoking: Quit Smoking with our Cessation Treatment (Auriculotherapy)

The Colorado DC Stop Smoking Centers offer a safe, quick and effective treatment that has an 85% success rate with one treatment. We provide smoking cessation treatment programs to nationwide clients. If you want to quit smoking or chewing, try DC Stop Smoking. We use Auriculotherapy (or Ear Acupuncture) to help people become non-smokers. This treatment can also be successful for weight loss.


This is by far the easiest method to stop smoking. I do not even believe you need 'will power' for this, you just need an ear. It's great and I refer people here almost every day."

I was surprised it actually worked for me. I have quit cold turkey before and it was a miserable experience physically. I expected much the same with this.

I have a much easier time walking, especially up hills or stairs. The wheezing stopped and I have energy for a lot longer than before.

I feel much better, no coughing in the morning. My breathing is better; I have no shortness of breath after climbing stairs.