See what our customers have to say about DC Stop Smoking!

The DC Stop Smoking Centers have helped thousands of people quit smoking after only one treatment. Quitting can be an emotional, trying time, and it is important that we offer you ongoing support to help you succeed and enjoy your life as a non-smoker.

Our customer’s feedback is important; not only for you to evaluate our services, but also for us to ensure that we are offering the best quality product in the most effective, professional manner. See what our customers have to say about DC Stop Smoking!

We offer support 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and provided free follow-up for the rest of your life as long as you remain smoke free. If you are struggling all you have to do is call. Your success is the most important part of our business.

  • “SAD- I didn’t want to quit.”
  • “Mostly great. I did have cravings but they went away quickly. Overall very impressed.”
  • “Pleasant, very little moodiness.”
  • “The first week was a little difficult since I was trying to change my habits that went along with smoking. But it was never an issue to actually smoke.”
  • “Irritability, small mood changes. Symptoms went away after a few days.”
  • “I felt better, or as good as you can when you’re in bad health.”
  • “I felt bored, tired, non-occupied.”
  • “Next day kinda grumpy. The rest and now I am great. Co-workers say I’m not moody.”
  • “I was actually chewing nicotine gum. I had to use some willpower for the first few days.”
  • “Difficult to break old habits.”
  • “I feel better, healthier, happy.”
  • “Awesome, more relaxed. Higher energy level.”
  • “Breathing easier.”
  • “I’ll probably feel better the longer I’m off.”
  • “Good.”
  • “Good, still trying to fill in the lost space.”
  • “Great, wanting once in a while but for fleeting second.”
  • “I breathe better, some things taste different.”
  • “Very happy to be nicotine free and live with a partner who chose to address his addiction. We are so much more available to each other. Thank you.”
  • “Great-Every now and then I want to smoke but, I’m now a non-smoker.”
  • “Wonderful.”
  • “Thank you so much! I never thought I could quit so easily.”
  • “After 20 years of smoking, I am extremely glad I was treated.”
  • “Thank you for concern and consistency”
  • “I hope quitting will help my health to get better. I don’t know if it will or not.”
  • “Works too well.”
  • “I still miss smoking, but it’s the peace I felt while smoking I truly miss, not the nicotine.”
  • “I am the stop smoking poster child for my office building.”


I don't know how your treatment works; I only know it does. Being skeptical, I was surprised and very grateful. I smoked for 48 years plus and it was a big part of my way of life. The cost for your treatment plus air fare, etc. between Missouri and Utah were well worth it.

Howdy, Leslie-Cam®!! I have been smoke-free for one month. I have been smoking for 32 years and for at least the last two to three years (at least) 2 ½ - 3 packs a day. If I can do it, anyone can. I feel wonderful. I am thrilled that I no longer smoke.

My appointment at the center was on Valentine's Day and I was certain I would inform my loved one (later on that day) of another 'stop smoking' program gimmick. I knew that 'what's her name' would wave the 'I got zapped' wand I would be on my way to the nearest cigarette store. I thought to myself this hocus-pocus center will not turn me into a non-smoking geek who listens to jazz, eats vegetables, and drinks purified water. Ugh! One month later, I am writing a letter with a bottle of Dasani at my side, snacking on carrots, listening to KEZK smooth jazz, and I can actually smell the flowers on the table.

I am sorry that I did not come sooner. Everyone I have met that has stopped smoking because of your treatment says the same thing. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

This is by far the easiest method to stop smoking. I do not even believe you need 'will power' for this, you just need an ear. It's great and I refer people here almost every day.

I was surprised it actually worked for me. I have quit cold turkey before and it was a miserable experience physically. I expected much the same with this.

I have a much easier time walking, especially up hills or stairs. The wheezing stopped and I have energy for a lot longer than before.

I had none of the 'extreme cravings and agonizing symptoms associated with withdrawal'. This was a very easy way of quitting for me. I had quit twice over the years (cold turkey) and both times were awful.

I feel much better, no coughing in the morning. My breathing is better; I have no shortness of breath after climbing stairs.

I smoked three packs a day for 40 years. It had taken control of my life. With your help I have quit. I thank you for your help. My grandchildren thank you.

I am in the U.S. military so work is always stressful and thus I smoked a lot. Now, even though work is stressful, I don't think about smoking at all. I highly recommend this to family, friends and coworkers.

I think this was the best decision I have ever made. It has been almost two months now and I am still smoke-free. I wish everyone that smoked would give this a try.

Periodically, I want a cigarette, some days more often than others. However, at no time have I had what I would call a craving. I would never have believed quitting could be this easy.

I work full time in a smoke shop and felt this would probably be a problem. Not to worry. I go out drinking and to dinner every Friday and never have a problem. Thank you for your help.

If I had known about this years ago I would have come in sooner. This is an amazingly easy way to stop smoking.

It's so amazing to have the bondage of nicotine over me broken. I can't believe how much better I feel. I'm so excited and want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to do this therapy. Thank you so very much for your help.

At first I tried to have a craving for one. The first few days I didn't get that feeling of needing to smoke." I feel fine, I have yet to want a cigarette. This was a blessing, because it was not hard at all not to smoke. Day after day, I wait for that mad rush or urge and it hasn't come. The best thing I ever did was to come with my sister to your center.

I feel great. No coughing, I'm able to sleep without piling pillows up to have uninterrupted sleep without a racking cough. I'm surprised that I didn't even want to smoke. It doesn't bother me to be around people who smoke or places where smoking is the norm. Thank you once more. I can 'smell the flowers more' and enjoy a smoke-free home and environment.

After I stopped, I was relaxed. I could definitely tell the difference between a craving and a habit. I thought about it often, but it was out of my mind as quickly as it had come.

I feel absolutely wonderful. I can hardly wait until I can say I'm smoke free for a year two, three, etc. I'm so proud of myself and not ashamed to say so!

It was unbelievably easy. I still cannot believe it. I had hypnosis twice before. The first time worked over twenty years ago. The last time, 6 months ago, was a terrible hypnosis group, and a waste of money and time.

At first I was worried it was going to be hard dealing with cravings and being moody, but that didn't happen. So, I think I was more surprised just how well it worked. The hardest part was getting rid of habits that I had when I did smoke such as car rides and lunch time.

I no longer stink like cigarettes and I realized this after the first day of not smoking. I also can do flights of stairs a lot easier without the hard breathing at the top.

Any craving for a cigarette passed in seconds. Certain situations or activities triggered the desire to smoke, but it was easy to go through those periods.

Pretty surprised - I will often realize that maybe I've gone a whole day without even thinking of a cigarette.

I wasn't very hopeful that this would be successful. I love smoking - always have. I certainly don't understand why it works; I can only verify that it does work.

I feel good and I have a sense of freedom again. I'm not a slave to nicotine now.

The cost for me to stop smoking was only $90, for what I would call a miracle. I smoked for almost 53 years and stopped instantly without extreme cravings and agonizing symptoms associated with withdrawal. Now that is a miracle to me!

No desire to smoke - really easy to get along without smoking - staying busy helped.

Hope more people get this treatment and smoking is eliminated some day. This treatment really does stop your cigarette (nicotine) craving.

I felt good. I've done something positive for myself for my health.

I feel clean, fresh, and free of a life long nasty habit.

I look better. I feel better. My skin has cleared, and most of all, I smell better. With your help, I know that now I can live a healthier life style.

I threw away the extra ashtray in my car before I left the parking lot. I chewed ice a lot, stayed busy and took one day at a time.

I feel great! One of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life. I can breathe easier, no more shortness of breath. My fiancé is happy, my family is happy, and I'm happy.

It was pretty easy not to smoke. I'm still amazed at how well I'm doing. The thought of a cigarette comes to mind, but it quickly goes away.

I really didn't feel anything in particular; I just couldn't believe the next morning that I wasn't reaching for a cigarette. It really amazes me to this day especially after 22 years of smoking.

I feel great! I've taken up walking more now that I can breathe better and my chest no longer hurts to breathe deep.

I must say the night before I prayed that this treatment worked for me. I'm so glad that I'm smoke free now thanks to Leslie-Cam®. I can taste food better now and actually smell the coffee brewing before I get out of bed in the morning.

It was much easier than I thought it would be. At times I would think about smoking, but I was never tempted to actually do it. I was also ecstatic that I didn't eat more.

I am extremely happy. I know this is permanent. I almost never think about smoking and I've replaced the habit with exercise.

Overall, I'd say this was about 10% my effort and 90% from the treatment. I've quit cold turkey before but this is so much easier and it feels more permanent.

I feel much better. I still have a cough, but not nearly as severe. I have a greater energy level and don't procrastinate as much.

I was amazed that I could no longer taste the cigarette I had smoked right before I came inside the office. I had no withdrawals or desire for a cigarette.

The quotations are feedback received by the Leslie-Cam® Stop Smoking Center, in St Louis, MO